VFD Alovin Capsule

– Treats Acne
– Obesity
– Detoxification of Liver

Arjun Sal Extract Capsule

– Reduce Cholesterol
– Improve Blood Circulation

Ashwagandha Root Extract Capsule

– Supports Immune System
– Boosts Energy

VFD Babul Phali Capsule

– Joint Pain Relief Capsules
– Cartilage Building up in Joints

Bel Patra

– Reduce Cholesterol
– Improve Blood Circulation

Brahmi Capsule

– Anti Oxidant & Immunity Booster
– Reduce Anxiety & Stress

VFD Garcinia Combogia Capsule

– Natural Bodyweight Management
– Joints and muscle health

Garlic Capsule

– Natural Supplement For Healthy Heart Function

Ginger Capsule

– Natural Digestive Supplement
– Maintain cholesterol levels

VFD Gomutra Powder Capsule

– Weight Management
– Antioxidant & Blood Purifier

Hadjod Extract Capsule

– Bone-Setter
– Joint Health Supplement

Innerga Capsule

 – Increase Vitality and Reduce Stress
– Improve Productivity

VFD Kadhipatta Leaf Capsule

– Improve Insulin Secretion
– Reduces Oxidative Stress


– Body weight management
– Reduces fat lumps on body

VFD Karela Fruit Powder Capsule

– Balance Insulin
– Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

VFD Lemon Fruit Capsules

– A Natural Source Of Vitamin C-Antioxidant
– Weight Management

Manjistta Capsule

 – Natural Anti-Toxins And Purifier
– Reduce stress and stimulates the body

VFD Moringa Capsules

– The Natural Superfood For A Healthy Body

VFD Neem Leaf Capsule

– Healthy Hair And Skin
– Purify The Body

Proartho Oil

– Reduce Swelling of Joints
– Improves Sensation in Limbs

Probanko capsule

– Anti asthmatic & Reduces Cough
– Useful in Fever & Respiratory problems

Prodibex Capsule

– Improve Insulin secretion
– Antihyperglycemic Activity

Prolaxitive capsule

– Relieves Constipation
– Reduces Acidity & Increases Appetite

Proliv capsule

– Improve Digestion & stimulate Appetite
– Antioxidant & Immunity booster

Promentex Tablet

Tablet for Epilepsy
Memory Enhancer & Peaceful Sleep

Prothin Capsule

– Digestive & Energy Booster
– Weight Loss Supplement

Punarnava Capsule

– Useful In The Filtration Process Of Kidney

Pylobact tablet

– Helps to Reduce Piles
– Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Shatavari Root Extract Capsule

Women Health Tonic

Stonil Capsule

– Dissolve Kidney stones
– Prevent the formation of Kidney stones