Rudrang Nutri Store

Rudrang Nutri stores is a company engaged in development of novel products in healthcare supplements, Nutraceuticals and health foods. Products are based on Vacuum freeze drying and Nano technology.

Company Profile, Service and products:

Rudrang Nutri stores is pioneer company engaged in development and manufacturing of herbal, natural healthcare, wellness, nutraceutical and food products using Vacuum Freeze-Drying process. Freeze Drying Process helps to maintain purity, cell structure, flavour, colour, aroma and medicinal nutrient values of herbal and natural products. We have developed a vacuum freeze drying-Nano technology process in manufacturing Nutraceutical supplements. Rudrang is pioneer in developing products of individual or combination of herbs, vegetables, berries, fruits and VFD-Nanotech healthcare supplements, antioxidants, immunity enhancers and immunomodulators having enhanced nutritional value, efficacy and high safety profile.

Core business:

A pioneer company in Freeze dried and Nano tech products in healthcare, wellness and nutraceutical herbal extracts and formulations.

Present challenge:

Various processes used for developing extracts or formulations from herbal healthcare products or food products may degrade its nutritional and medicinal values. Herbal nutraceutical and therapeutic products have multifaceted benefits. Results and efficacy strongly depends on

  1. Purity
  2. Medicinal activity and nutritional values of active ingredients
  3. Stability


Rudrang Nutrition and wellness products are manufactured from extracts using unique freeze drying process which maintains the medicinal and nutritional activity, enhances purity and increases stability (shelf life) with better results than conventional products. All products are manufactured from herbal or natural resources retaining their natural medicinal and nutraceutical values without any chemical processes and degradation of active ingredients.

Sandeep Gogawale

Rich experience of more than 20 years in developing, manufacturing and Marketing Novel Herbal and Ayurvedic products
Pioneer in developing herbal healthcare products by Vacuum Freeze Drying (VFD) Technology.
B2B supply of active ingredients, formulations and healthcare products to various Pharma, Ayurvedic and Nutraceutical companies.
Core competency in developing dynamic direct marketing business models.
Founder Rudrang Nutri Store (RNS): Company engaged in development and manufacturing of Novel Healthcare and Nutraceutical products by Vacuum Freeze Drying and Nano-Vacuum Freeze drying Technology.
Owner PROLIFE INDIA: A Dynamic digital and direct marketing platform.
image sanjay mahajan sir


I am DR.SANJAY .V .MAHAJAN. B.A.M.& S, M.I.M.S, R.C.H., DYT (Diplome in Yog Teacher.) Selected Class 2 Medical Officer Through MPSC and Worked as Medical Officer then left job and started Consulting Practice in Infertility, Heart Diabites Psoriasis Chronic GID All types of Skin Disease.
I am a social worker, having been president of Ramkrishna Vivekananda Bhavdhara Prasarak Mandal for the last 20 years. I have also worked as Director of Co po.Credit Sociaty for 30 years and President of Doctors Association for 3 years.

Heramb Rahalkar

A professional, with rich experience of more than 30 years in Pharma Sales, Marketing, Distribution and product / Formulation development.
Presently in to development and manufacturing of colloidal nano nutrition supplements. Provide consultancy and technical guidance for development of innovative and novel formulations in Nutrition, Phyto-Nano health supplements, Livestock & Aqua culture feed supplents and Plant nutrition & protection
Founder partner Adiraa Lifesciences LLP: A company engaged in development of formulations and products based on nano colloidal technology
Founder CINSPO: Consultancy in business and product development
Director Filo Lifesciences Pvt Ltd: A company engaged in development and manufacturing of nano colloidal products.